Solvent processing today can be extremely harmful not only to the environment, but to people's health too.

Our Mission is to develop and provide high-performance and green solvents, reducing the environmental footprint while making industrial products and processes greener.


Changing an industry from the ground up is no easy task, but at bioeutectics, we have what it takes to make it happen.

Our Vision is to lead the next generation of solvents, contributing to turn this industry into a green one.

Our Story

Since 2019, our founders were willing to transform scientific
ideas into the future of industries.

With similar objectives in mind, Ph.D. Romina Canales and Ph.D.
Sergio Pasini, scientists with vast experience in applied chemistry, met Tomas Silicaro, entrepreneur and Executive MBA, on a day that promised a new challenge: to design a disruptive startup model for biosolvents ready to replace petroleum-based solvents.

A couple of years later, after researching the solvents market and developing applications for their products, they brought together more scientists to found Bioeutectis, to bring nature to industry.

And the rest, as we like to say, will make history.

Our core values

As agents of change, we pride ourselves on being such a diverse team with core values that reflect our increible ambition.

Outstanding  Performance

Combining science (green chemistry), cutting-edge biotechnology (eutectic tech), nature's knowledge (biomimetic), and a passionate and enthusiastic team is our formula to create high-performance, quality, and sustainable products.


We dare to transform the industry by constantly creating natural, healthier, and biodegradable products in a safer and more efficient productive chain.


We challenge ourselves to customize safe & natural solvents/ ingredients for the industrial processes aligned with our customer's needs, making them smart and versatile, capable of adapting to any desired viscosity, pH, density, and miscibility for any application.

Caring and inspiration

We really care about the planet, our home. We pioneer to transform the solvents industry into a green one and seek to inspire our customers to expand into other products.

Want to join the greening?

We have many goals ahead of us, would you like to help us accomplish them?

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Here We Are

We are expanding, you can find our
Laboratory in Guaymallen, Mendoza, our
Administrative Office in Buenos Aires, and
our most recent installation in New York, United States


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The world is filled with bright ideas, we are here to turn those ideas into action.

Did you know that most productive chains involve petroleum-based solvents?

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